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Convocatoria oral BA2 CAL

Posted by maribel on 28/05/2013

If there is any mistake or absence, send me an email.



 6 Junio


11 Junio




Raquel Amelia    


Tere Pepa    


Laura Cristina    


Seba Pepe    


Diego Eva    


Javi Rosa    


Anna Natalia    


Cristina Magdalena    


Araceli Jesús Nuria Irene


Ángela Loli Lourdes Javi


Nuria Amelia Luisa Charo


M Cruz Juan Francisco Virginia Emilio


Víctor Marina    


Violeta Inma    


Santi Antonio    

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Visit to Vélez 9.06.13

Posted by maribel on 28/05/2013

As you know, we are organising an English inmersion class trip to Vélez de Benaudalla, where the English population has soared in recent years. Paco, a student in class AV1 F, will be our local guide.

Sunday 9th June.

Meeting at the Church Square at 10:00

Guided visit in English includes:
1. Church
2. Nasrid Gardens
3. Old town
4. Castle
5. Source

Lunch at local restaurant (More information soon).

Cinema (Film in English to be confirmed. Lucre and Paco are working on it)

Price of the visit €4 (monuments, lunch not included)

We are trying to get organized so we take as few cars as possible. So if you are bringing yours say if you have any places available. Anybody (friends, relatives, children, pets…) is welcome.

Confirm if you are coming so we can make a list of people and telephone numbers.

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BA2 topics for the oral exam

Posted by maribel on 22/05/2013

A member of your family
A special weekend
Your last holidays
Your free time
A special day in your life
Plans for your next holidays
Your best friend
Your latest night out
Your plans for the weekend
Recommendations about your town
Agreeing on a holiday together
Talking about your childhood
Plans to go out together
Your job or studies
Your favourite day

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BA2 090513

Posted by maribel on 09/05/2013

Today we talked about conditionals. Click here for another explanation and some exercises. We also talked about time conjunctions. Click here for an exercise.



How to eat less

Confusing words


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BA2 070513

Posted by maribel on 08/05/2013


KET Trainer pgs. 134 & 135 (Tuesday 14th May)

Handouts : should shouldn’t (Tuesday 14th May)

Before they were famous (Tuesday 14th May)

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BA2 020513

Posted by maribel on 03/05/2013

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Ray, a drop of golden sun

Me, a name I call myself

Far, a long, long way to run

Sew, a needle pulling thread

La, a note to follow Sew

Tea, a drink with jam and bread

That will bring us back to Do


Composition: The good side and the bad side of being single/married/ living alone/ living with someone (Thursday 9th May)

Handout: must, musn’t, have to…  (Thursday 9th May)

Reading: Imagine no posessions  (Thursday 9th May)

7A present perfect: since and for  (Thursday 9th May)

7C used to  (Thursday 9th May)

This is Casa López Correa webpage.

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BA2 300513

Posted by maribel on 30/04/2013

Today we corrected part of our homework and did a test and a writing activity.

Happy May Day.


KET Trainer pgs. 132 & 133 (Tuesday 7th May)

Handout : to -ing (Tuesday 7th May)

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BA2 250413

Posted by maribel on 27/04/2013


Choose the word 2 (Thrsday 2nd May)

Review: The Treasure of Montecristo (Thrsday 2nd May)

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BA2 230413

Posted by maribel on 23/04/2013

Fan kisses Frank Lampard after the Champions league final

Today we looked at the use of modal verbs should, must, have to, don’t have to and musn’t.


KET Trainer: pg. 130 &  131 (T5 RW 2) (Tuesday 3oth April)

Handouts 5A 5C (Tuesday 3oth April)

Reading pg 56 & 57 (Thursday 25th April)

Exercises 7C (Thursday 25th April)

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BA2 090413 & 110413

Posted by maribel on 15/04/2013

Today we started Unit 5 in SB

These are Writing Bank 1 and Writing Bank 2


KET Trainer: pg. 126 & 127 (T5 RW 1 & 2)

KET Listening pg. 138 (T5 L 1)

Handout Reading Unicorns

Composition 4

Revise and Check 4

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