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Posted by maribel on 27/10/2009

Here you have handout 06 and here is a list of English words of Spanish origin that includes algebra, cockroach, fiesta or sherry.

And a bit of music…


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World Memory Champion

Posted by maribel on 26/10/2009

This is  Ramón Campayo with Andreu Buenafuente. We were talking about him the other day in class. Juan is using his book.

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Posted by maribel on 26/10/2009

I’ m sorry about the delay. I was busy and then I forgot my notes at my school!

This is handout 05. For homework you had three handouts on verb to be an possessive adjectives. See you tomorrow.

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Posted by maribel on 15/10/2009

This is the handout 04 from the class on Tuesday. Here you have a list of nationalities. For more nationalities you can visit this site.  And here you have some exercises.

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Posted by maribel on 07/10/2009

FarSide Tarzan

Here you have the handout 03 for today’s class and also a handout on numbers. Remember to work on your grammar book.

For maths vocabulary visit A maths dictionary for kids.

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UGR Orchestra concert at Hospital Real

Posted by maribel on 06/10/2009

Carmen tells us there is a free concert today at 20:00 to mark the opening of the academic year at the University of Granada. The UGR Orchestra will be playing works by Jean Baptiste Lully, Béla Bartók and Edward Benjamin Britten. Britten is the most brilliant English composer of the 20th century. His operas are amazing! You can listen to an excerpt from Britten’s Introduction and Rondo Alla Burlesca op.23 for two pianos:

Thanks again Carmen for the information.

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Paranoid Park

Posted by maribel on 01/10/2009

Paranoid Park is a film by Gus van Sant (“My Own Private Idaho”, “Good Will Hunting”, “To Die For” and “Elephant”) about the ins and outs of teenage life. It tells the troubled story of Alex, a Portland high school student who loves to skateboard. He has to deal with several teenage issues but things get even more complicated after accidentally causing the death of a security guard.

You can watch Paranoid Park at the Filmoteca de Andalucia on Friday, October 2nd as part of  the Viernes Estreno season. It is free and in English with Spanish subtitles.

Filmoteca de Andalucia

c/ Profesor Sainz Cantero
18002 Granada
Friday, October 2nd
18:00 pm
20.30 pm

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