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Car Seat Headrest – Times To Die

Posted by maribel on 27/04/2017


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How Did English Evolve?

Posted by maribel on 06/04/2017


Now you can take the lesson here. You have to register to get feedback on your answers.

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Advice on Writing

Posted by maribel on 26/11/2016

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 19.03.41.png

Advice on writing by Gary Provost via @amarazzi

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Silent letters

Posted by maribel on 11/04/2013



Here you can practice silent letters.

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European Day of Languages

Posted by maribel on 26/09/2012

Today is the European Day of Languages. There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world. And behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages (EDL) aims to celebrate – by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them.

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Dream On! Theatre Workshop University of Bristol

Posted by maribel on 16/11/2010

III Festival Internacional de Teatro Universitario de Granada

Dream On! Performance 4 – University of Bristol (Reino Unido) at Facultad de Filosofía y Letras – Aula Magna

18/11/10 – 19:00 h.

Free Admission

In a rundown dance hall in the old part of town, the night shift is clocking on. This is not another shadowy organisation offering anonymous online comfort, exploiting the desires and PayPal accounts of countless hapless men. These women are different: they have a mission. These volunteers give not only their time and experience, but their humanity and love to this work. If they don’t do it, no one else will. They are the lonely-hearts collective, and their mission is to seek out and heal the world’s unrequited love. Performance 4 brings you an original and exciting piece of physical theatre that draws texts from Shakespeare and inspiration from Butoh, line-dancing and karaoke to explore desire and love in our digital age.

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Posted by maribel on 28/09/2010

A palindrome is a word or phrase which reads the same in both directions. The word palindrome is derived from the Greek palíndromos, meaning running back again (palín = again + drom–, drameîn = run). Some simple examples are:

RACECAR               EYE               NUN             RADAR              LEVEL              POP

Longer palindromes are:

Do geese see God?

Madam, in Eden I’m Adam

Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw?

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama

To find out more about palindromes click here. This is a list of palindromes in English.

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