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C1 171213

Posted by maribel on 23/12/2013



Writing: Report or Proposal SB pg. 92

Reading: Fictional Exits

Finish “Killing Floor” and start “The Prestige”

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C1 051213

Posted by maribel on 05/12/2013

Today you talked about:

The new traveller

Love Test

Lawsuit against wife because of ugly children

Electronic cigarettes

Parot Doctrine


Street musicians and Ana Botella

The seventh continent

A goat rapist

Jobs at University of Granada

Anti abortion protests

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C1 Very Important!

Posted by maribel on 05/12/2013

We have the term test on 10th December. You can come at 16:30 or 19:00.

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C1 031213

Posted by maribel on 03/12/2013


SB pg. 85 ex. 15 & 6

SB Reading pgs. 36-37

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C1 281113

Posted by maribel on 28/11/2013

This is the link for This Is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers

3-minute presentation (item of news)

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C1 261113

Posted by maribel on 28/11/2013






SB pg. 20 ex. 10, pg. 21 ex. 12, Reading pgs. 28-29

Heresay reporting exercises


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C1 211113

Posted by maribel on 21/11/2013

A scene from the film Memphis Belle (1990) where the B-17 bomber’s 25th and final mission to bomb Bremen in World War II got delayed, and the crew coerced Danny Boy (Eric Stoltz) to read them poetry.

The poem is ‘An Irish Airman Foresees His Death’ by W.B Yeats.

A reading of ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooks:

This is ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen:

Read the poem and an explanation here.


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C1 191113

Posted by maribel on 19/11/2013

If you want to learn more language about elections click here.


SB pg. 16& 17 Reading

SB pg. 19 Use of English

SB pg. 84 ex. 1, 2, 3 & 4

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C1 141113

Posted by maribel on 15/11/2013

Today you talked about:


Get married and be submissive

Playing an instrument

Brood parasitism

The Borja Restoration


Prosthetic hands



Home brewing

My Madness

Satellite DNA sequences

Stop Evictions



Solutions for unemployment

Christmas Truce

Immigration procedures in the USA

Movie quotes

The History of the English Language


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C1 121113

Posted by maribel on 12/11/2013




Read the BBC article and watch the video about Remembrance Day.

This is the correction symbols handout and this is an advice on writing compositions handout.


CAE05 (Tuesday 19th)

Revision writing 01 (Tuesday 19th)

Vocabulary Armed Forces (Thursday 21st)

WW I poems (Thursday 21st)

Old man at the bridge (Thursday 21st)

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