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For no particular reason

Posted by maribel on 29/03/2011

Remorse For Any Death



Free of memory and of hope,
limitless, abstract, almost future,
the dead man is not a dead man: he is death.
Like the God of the mystics,
of Whom anything that could be said must be denied,
the dead one, alien everywhere,
is but the ruin and absence of the world.
We rob him of everything,
we leave him not so much as a color or syllable:
here, the courtyard which his eyes no longer see,
there, the sidewalk where his hope lay in wait.
Even what we are thinking,
he could be thinking;

we have divvied up like thieves
the booty of nights and days.

Jorge Luis Borges

Remordimiento por cualquier Muerte



Libre de la memoria y de la esperanza,
ilimitado, abstracto, casi futuro,
el muerto no es un muerto: es la muerte.

Como el Dios de los místicos,
de Quien deben negarse todos los predicados,
el muerto ubicuamente ajeno
no es sino la perdición y ausencia del mundo.

Todo se lo robamos,
no le dejamos ni un color ni una sílaba:
aquí está el patio que ya no comparten sus ojos,
allí la acera donde acechó sus esperanzas.

Hasta lo que pensamos podría estarlo pensando él también;
nos hemos repartido como ladrones
el caudal de las noches y de los días.


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Paddy’s Day

Posted by maribel on 17/03/2011

Saint Patrick’s Day (Irish: Lá ‘le Pádraig or Lá Fhéile Pádraig), colloquially Paddy’s Day, is the feast day which annually celebrates Saint Patrick (373-493), the patron saint of Ireland, on March 17.

You can learn more about Saint Patrick’s Day here.

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Posted by maribel on 15/03/2011

This is what we watched in class with Lauren:

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The Devil’s Dictionary

Posted by maribel on 15/03/2011

The Devil’s Dictionary is a  “reference” book written by Ambrose Bierce. The book offers satirical reinterpretations of terms in the English language.

Carlos Fuentes’s novel The Old Gringo is a fictionalized account of Bierce’s disappearance towards the end of his life which was later adapted into the film Old Gringo (1989), starring Gregory Peck in the title role.

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Día de Andalucía

Posted by maribel on 10/03/2011

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The face that launched a thousand ships

Posted by maribel on 05/03/2011

Elizabeth Taylor as Helen of Troy in the 1967 movie Dr. Faustus.

“The face that launched a thousand ships” is a reference to the mythological figure Helen of Troy. Her abduction by Paris was said to be the reason for a fleet of a thousand ships to be launched into battle, initiating the Trojan Wars.

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.

Christopher Marlowe. Doctor Faustus

More phrases, saying and idioms.

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Exploring the Five Senses

Posted by maribel on 01/03/2011

Amy Dolin is a former language assistant at EOI Granada. Amy’s workshop is called Exploring the Five Senses in English. It uses art and culture to provide a springboard for personal development in an immersion environment. Some of the planned modules will be cooking, altered books, Canadian art card trading, creative writing, gardening and more. The first workshop begins March 2 and lasts for 4 weeks, broken into 2 hour sessions on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30pm.

Location C/ Acero del Darro near the river.


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