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Posted by maribel on 27/01/2010

In celebration of the fortcoming wedding of the king and the soon to be queen, Silvia, the internationally famous popgroup ABBA performed the song Dancing Queen on Swedish television the night before the ceremony:

And this is handout 12


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Australia Day

Posted by maribel on 26/01/2010

Today Australia celebrates its national day, which marks the arrival of the first fleet of European settlers in January 1788. Parties, concerts and other special events are held across the nation.

Visit Australia for Kids to know more about Australia.

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Posted by maribel on 21/01/2010

Sports: You go…
• cycling
• dancing
• rollerblading
• running
• skiing
• snowboarding
• surfing
• swimming

Sports You Play
• play basketball
• play cricket
• play football
• play golf
• play hockey
• play rugby
• play soccer
• play squash
• play tennis
• play volleyball

Sports You Do
• do gymnastics
• do weights
• do aerobics

And this is handout 11.

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Posted by maribel on 21/01/2010

And this is  handout 10. Better late than never!

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