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AV1 291012

Posted by maribel on 30/10/2012

Today  we corrected some of our homework and Sofia talked about the Olympic Games.



FC Trainer: pgs. 67 & 68 (Test 2 Reading 1) pg. 87 (Test 2 UE 1) (Monday 5th Nov)


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BA2 251012

Posted by maribel on 28/10/2012

Today we talked about education in England. We did the practical English sectiona nd saw Mark and Allie in Action in the first episode of the second season of our very own soap opera. Some of you have to catch up by watching season 1 on DVD (kindly provided by Pepe)


Handout Parts of the body & Maria Callas

Handout Prepositions of place

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AV1 241012

Posted by maribel on 25/10/2012

Today we listened to Gastón:



Handout: Meatball Magic (Wednesday 31th Oct)
Handout: Phrasal verbs 2 (Wednesday 31th Oct)
SB Reading pg. 15

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BA2 231012

Posted by maribel on 23/10/2012

Today we corrected the Handout Do you remember me?/Star signs and KET Trainer: pg. 19.  Then we did the listening on pg. 41. We did pg. 11 (1D) in the Student Book.

This is the song we listened to:

Handout: A look at literature (Tuesday 30th Oct)
KET Trainer: pg. 21 ( Tuesday 30th Oct)
SB pg. 13 a & b

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AV1 221012

Posted by maribel on 22/10/2012

Today we did  pgs. 18, 19 (Test 1 Reading 3) and pg. 44 (Test 1 UE 3) from FC Trainer.

We also did pg. 55 (Test 1 Listening 3)

I gave you back the initial evaluation test. We revised the grammar of auxiliary verbs (SB pg. 11-1B-)

This is the song we listened to:


Then we started chapter 1C, pg12.


synonyms: vomit, be sick, throw up, puke

blood (noun) bleed (vb)

Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful & Grumpy:


FC Trainer: pgs. 47, 48 (Test 1 UE 4) (Monday 29th Oct)

Reading: The Baby (Monday 29th Oct)

WB 1A & 1B

SB Vocab pg. 47

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BA2 181012

Posted by maribel on 20/10/2012

Today we corrected our homework:

Handout on vocabulary of personality

Reading: Saturday/Choose the word

Handout: Grammar 1C

Then you talked about your favourite painting.Here are some of the ones you chose:


We did pg. 10 in the Student book.

Here is a link to the Devil’s Dictionary.

This is the film about the fictionalised life of Ambrose Bierce:


Handout: What do you know about English-speaking countries? (Thursday 25th)

Handout Grammar 1D (Thursday 25th)

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Posted by maribel on 18/10/2012

Many of Charles Dickens’ works were published as instalments in periodicals. To keep readers hooked and impatient to know what was coming next, Dickens wove ‘cliffhangers’ into the story.

In this extract from Charles Dickens’ famous novel Great Expectations, Pip, a poor boy who is the hero
of the novel, becomes involved in a dangerous mystery. At the start, Pip, whilst running through a
deserted, misty graveyard in desolate marshland, runs into a scary-looking, escaped prisoner who
frightens the young boy into helping him. Chapter 2 of Great Expectations closes with Pip sneaking
out of the house with a bundle which contains food and drink for the prisoner. As he leaves the house
he has no idea about what will happen when he travels across the deserted marshes:

There was a door in the kitchen, communicating with the forge; I unlocked and unbolted the
door, and got a file from among Joe’s tools. Then I put the fastenings as I had found them,
opened the door at which I had entered when I ran home last night, shut it, and ran for the
misty marshes.

Charles Dickens’ readers would have been impatient to know what would happen to Pip when he set
out across the marshland.
• Would the police be waiting for him and arrest him for assisting a prisoner?
• Would the prisoner grab the food, drink and file and kill Pip because he knew too much?
• Would the prisoner kidnap Pip and use him to get a ransom?

What do you think?

Source: www.whatthedickens.org

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Talleres de conversación

Posted by maribel on 18/10/2012

La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Granada en colaboración con A.P.I. (Academic Programs International) ofrece Talleres de Conversación al alumnado de la EOI para el curso 2012-2013 siguiendo con el programa de colaboración iniciado el curso pasado.


Estos Talleres tendrán lugar los martes, miércoles y jueves, en horario de 16:00 a 19:00, dependiendo del nivel, en la sede de A.P.I., en Plaza de los Campos., con un máximo de 10 personas por sesión.  Esperamos poder comenzar en noviembre 2012 y continuar hasta mayo 2013.


El objetivo de estos Talleres es ayudar a mejorar la pronunciación y la fluidez en la expresión oral y en ningún caso se trata de clases de gramática, ya que las personas que imparten estos talleres son estudiantes estadounidenses y no profesores.


Debido al número limitado de plazas, se exige un compromiso de asistencia por parte del alumnado que solicite su inclusión en la actividad de al menos un mes (4 sesiones).


Si estás interesado/a en participar, manda un correo antes del 19 de octubre a api@eoidegranada.org indicando en el ASUNTO: Talleres de conversación + Curso que estudias en la EOI.

También deberás incluir los siguientes datos:

  • Nombre y apellidos
  • Dirección de correo electrónico
  • Teléfono de contacto (preferiblemente móvil)
  • Día que te interesaría acudir al taller
  • Franja horaria en la que podrías asistir (entre las 16:00 y las 19:00)


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AV1 171012

Posted by maribel on 18/10/2012

Today we corrected the homework:

Reading: Zodiac

Handout: Describing people + Idioms

We asked and answered questions in pairs and then did pg. 10 and part of 11 in the Student Book.

Do you remember/know the name for this?


Reading: The Autograph Man (Wednesday 24th)

Handout: Vocabulary travel and transport (Wednesday 24th)

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BA2 161012

Posted by maribel on 16/10/2012

Today we corrected our homework (KET Trainer and descriptions). We did the listening on pg. 39 of KET Trainer. We talked about art and paintings and we listened to this song:

This is the hair version with “slightly” different lyrics:

Here you have the song Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Stubble is the regrowth of shaven hair, when it is short and has a rough, abrasive texture.

Cactus (plural: cacti, cactuses, or cactus)

Roughly /ˈrʌfli/

Beard  /bɪə(r)d/

Bear  /beə(r)/

Beer  /bɪə(r)/

Bird  /bɜː(r)d/



Handout Do you remember me?/Star signs ( Tuesday 23th Oct)

KET Trainer: pg. 19 ( Tuesday 23th Oct)

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