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BA2 190213

Posted by maribel on 20/02/2013

Today we had Dan visiting. He told us about himself and about many interesting things, including that his home is near Whitby, an ancient seaport and fishing village on the north-east coast of England that has been a haven for holiday-makers since Victorian times and has played a significant role in English history. Its harbour, once the sixth largest port in Britain, lies where the River Esk reaches the North Sea. But the most peculiar fact of all is that Dracula landed in Whitby when he arrived in England.

Looking across the harbour toward East Cliff, you can see the view that inspired the fertile imagination of author Bram Stoker, who stayed in the Royal Hotel on the western side of Whitby while writing his famous novel.

This is the correction symbols handout.


Revised compositions by Tuesday 26th.

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BA2 140213

Posted by maribel on 19/02/2013

Here you are your clothes handout .


Handout 4A Present Perfect or past simple. (Thursday 21st Feb)

Handout shops and shopping. (Thursday 21st Feb)

Reading Asteroid 1950-DA (Thursday 21st Feb)

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AV1 180213

Posted by maribel on 19/02/2013

Here you have a BCC programme on climate change. In this programme climate change is discussed. Global warming is one of the hot topics of the day. We find out some important vocabulary and discuss the issues with experts.
Neil Edgeller and William Kremer
Alex Phillips
Climate Campaigner, Friends of the Earth
Dr David Demeritt
Climate change expert, King’s College London
Alevtina Kozina
Listener from Russia

You can  downlod the audio and the script.

This this the handout on correction symbols for the revision of your compositions.


Corrected compositions by Wednesday 27th.

Reading: Fictional exits

FCT pg. 139 (UE T4 4)

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AV1 130213

Posted by maribel on 13/02/2013

Joe Strummer to be honoured with square in Spanish city Granada. Read about it in The Guardian.

And these are the lyrics.

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BA2 Catching up

Posted by maribel on 12/02/2013

O poniéndome al día. In the meantime here you have a lovely recommendation from our class mate Luisa:


This is a review in Spanish and this one in English.

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AV1 Catching up

Posted by maribel on 12/02/2013

O poniéndonos al día. Little by little.

Important stuff:

Monday 25th cinema at Isabel la Católica: Retroback Film Festival

17:30 Twelve Angry Men

20:00 Terence Fisher’s Dracula

If you do not have tickets you have to buy them yourselves.



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