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Visit to Vélez 9.06.13

Posted by maribel on 28/05/2013

As you know, we are organising an English inmersion class trip to Vélez de Benaudalla, where the English population has soared in recent years. Paco, a student in class AV1 F, will be our local guide.

Sunday 9th June.

Meeting at the Church Square at 10:00

Guided visit in English includes:
1. Church
2. Nasrid Gardens
3. Old town
4. Castle
5. Source

Lunch at local restaurant (More information soon).

Cinema (Film in English to be confirmed. Lucre and Paco are working on it)

Price of the visit €4 (monuments, lunch not included)

We are trying to get organized so we take as few cars as possible. So if you are bringing yours say if you have any places available. Anybody (friends, relatives, children, pets…) is welcome.

Confirm if you are coming so we can make a list of people and telephone numbers.


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