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A Shit Ton of Famous People

Posted by maribel on 04/11/2016

Save The Day

Vocabulary: Elections


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The Unhappiness of Holidays

Posted by maribel on 08/09/2016

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From my 2016 Redstone Diary.

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EOI Málaga

Posted by maribel on 06/06/2016

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The Minister for Exams

Posted by maribel on 01/06/2016

The Minister For Exams is a poem by Brian Patten.

When I was a child I sat an exam.
This test was so simple
There was no way i could fail.

Question 1. Describe the taste of the Moon.

It tastes like Creation I wrote,
it has the flavour of starlight.

Question 2. What colour is Love?

Love is the colour of the water a man
lost in the desert finds, I wrote.

Question 3. Why do snowflakes melt?

I wrote, they melt because they fall
on to the warm tongue of God.

There were other questions.
They were as simple.

I described the grief of Adam
when he was expelled from Eden.
I wrote down the exact weight of
an elephant’s dream

Yet today, many years later,
For my living I sweep the streets
or clean out the toilets of the fat

Why? Because constantly I failed
my exams.
Why? Well, let me set a test.

Question 1. How large is a child’s
Question 2. How shallow is the soul of the
Minister for exams?

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Do you want to play questions?

Posted by maribel on 27/02/2016


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Play, Passion and Purpose

Posted by maribel on 21/01/2016

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Masters Innovation 3

Posted by maribel on 10/01/2016


Red de plurilingüísmo en Granada

Portal PLC Andalucía

Proyecto Lingüístico de Centro I.E.S. MIRADOR DEL GENIL

What is Flipped Learning?

Herramientas para Flipped Classroom

Is The Flipped Classroom Relevant to ELT? An article by Russell Stannard

Why Teachers Matter More in a Flipped Classroom  An article  by Jon Bergmann

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015


The SAMR Model for integrating technology into teaching, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura:


Pecha Kuchas:


Your topics:

Project based learning: The Stinky Team

Gamification: Innoteachers

Flipped classroom: The Queen’s Ducks

New methodological trends in language learning: On Foot

Universal Design for Learning: Innowoof

Cooperative learning for inclusion: Chicken Run

Challenge based learning: Elephants

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Masters Innovation 2

Posted by maribel on 17/12/2015

This is the padlet we are working on.

I would recommend you to include the thought skills that are practised in the activity, as some teams did.

These are the materials we used in class

And here you have some videos on CLIL:


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Masters Innovation 1

Posted by maribel on 15/12/2015

These are the materials we talked about in class today:

Materials Day 1

Remember each member of the group has to read part of the Plurilinguism Plan:

  1. Action 1 pg 30-38
  2. Actions 2 & 3 pg 39-47
  3. Actions 4 & 5 pg 48-56
  4. New methodological model pg 57-63

See you on Wednesday

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Posted by maribel on 27/11/2015

learn-64058_960_720Imagen de Geralt en Pixabay bajo dominio público

Mi naturaleza es la de estudiante, no la de maestra. Me dediqué a enseñar un poco por casualidad y fuí aprendiendo poco a poco. Y me gusta que cuando enseño, aprendo. Ahora mi situación es un poco especial porque no estoy dando tantas clases. Y, en teoría, estoy usando este tiempo para aprender. Pero se aprende haciendo, y hasta que no vuelva a dar clases no podré medir el impacto de mi formación en mi enseñanza.

He aprendido que lo que vengo haciendo no es tan diferente de lo que quiero hacer, pero que tengo que ser más estructurada y rigurosa. Lo he aprendido escuchando, en los foros y a los compañeros que han valorado mi trabajo.

Asi pues, propósitos de curso nuevo, no necesariamente derivados del curso: mejorar la evaluación y dar más retroalimentación, organizar mejor el trabajo de casa del alumno y atender mejor a la diversidad.

La vida es aprendizaje, o al menos yo la entiendo así. Como normalmente doy clase a adultos siempre pienso en mí como estudiante cuando reflexiono sobre mi forma de enseñar: ¿me valdría a mí? ¿me gustaría?. Ahora, que tengo hijos, pienso en ellos y en sus amigos y a veces incluso hago pruebas con mis propias cobayas.

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