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Posted by maribel on 11/03/2013

This is a list of topics for the oral exercise next week:

A member of your family

A special weekend

Your last holidays

Your free time

A special day in your life

Plans for your next holidays

Your best friend

Your favourite sport

Your latest night out

The last time you went abroad

Your plans for the weekend

The last time you had an argument with someone

The last time you wrote an email or a letter

The time you met someone famous/special

The last time you bought a really expensive item

The last time you took a day off work

Booking a room in a hotel (receptionist & customer)

Food you have eaten, people you have met, places you have visited

Recommendations about your town

If you find the treasure of Montecristo, what will you do with the money?

A party you went to

Agreeing on a holiday together

Talking about your childhood

Plans to go out together

Your job or studies


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