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AV 031212

Posted by maribel on 04/12/2012

Today we corrected:Handout Grammar 2B
FC Trainer: pgs. 108, 109 (Test 3 Reading 1) and pgs. 116, 117 (Test 3 UE 1)
We did the listening test in pg. 121 in FC trainer  (Test 3 Listening 1) We did the grammar in  pg. 23 of the SB (order of adjectives). We listened to Englishman in New York and we spoke about how Spaniards dress.


Then we watched The First Thanksgiving story:


Here you can read and do exercises about adjective order.


FC Trainer: pgs. 110, 111 (Test 3 Reading 2) pg. 118 (Test 3 UE 2) (Monday 11th Dec)
2A Grammar Adjective Order (Wednesday 5th Dec)


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