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AV1 191112

Posted by maribel on 23/11/2012

Today we talked about Remembrance Day.

We commented on the short story and poems you had to read: Poetry of World War I and Old Man at the Bridge.

We did FC Trainer: pgs. 71 & 72 (Test 2 Reading 3), pg. 91 (Test 2 UE  3) and the listening on pg. 98. We also corrected the handout Verb Gymnastics. We read and talked about antipersonnel mines.

This is the song we listened to:

And this is the handout.

This is a scene from the film Memphis Belle (1990) where the B-17 bomber’s 25th and final mission to bomb Bremen in World War II got delayed, and the crew coerced Danny Boy (Eric Stoltz) to read them poetry. He reads a partial version of An Irishman Foresees his Death:

Here you have some collective nouns for animals.


Reading pg. 22 (Wednesday 21th Nov)

Reading Celebrity Lookalike (Monday 26th Nov)

FC Trainer: pg. 93 (Test 2 UE  4) (Monday 26th Nov)


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