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Posted by maribel on 06/11/2012

In class we watched the beginning of Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas:

We had a writing contest. Here are some of your Halloween stories:


A horse went to the river to drink water and someone scared him. He died. His skeleton disappeared and from this day on we can see a ghost horse. He is looking for his bones.

By Javi, Ángeles, Violeta, Mari Cruz and Lourdes

The story about the love of a mummy and a ghost for a witch

The ghost and the mummy fell in love with the witch, but the witch didn’t like them.

The ghost and the mummy wanted to fight with their swords, and the winner would be her husband. They went to the hills on Saturday night, and invited the beautiful witch, so she could see them fight.

They were fighting for a long time, because they couldn’t die.

When did this story finish? When the witch died, because it’s not possible that the ghost and the mummy die twice.

By Sebas Ruiz, Ángela Cámara, Jesús López, Rosa Antequera and Anna Novas.

Today we did the handouts: Quiz What do you know about English-speaking countries? and A look at literature.

We did pg.21 and the listening on pg.43 in KET Trainer


Handout Geography File ( Tuesday 6th Nov)

KET Trainer: pgs. 25 & 27 ( Tuesday 6th Nov)


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