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AV 051112

Posted by maribel on 06/11/2012

Today we corrected the FC Trainer homework: pgs. 67 & 68 (Test 2 Reading 1) pg. 87 (Test 2 UE 1) and we did the listening on pg. 95 (Test 2 Listening 1)

Here you can have a look at the mistakes in your emails. Remember: all the sentences have mistakes!

These are the handouts for your written assignment: Hints on writing compositions and Biography (225 -250 words).

You can read and listen about Guy Fawkes in this BBC radio special that includes explanations of words and expressions and a quiz. This is the handout on Guy Fawkes we did in class.

You can play this Gunpowder Plot Game. If you want to know more about who the conspirators were and what they hoped to achieve  click here. (recommended for history buffs)


FC Trainer: pgs. 69 & 70 (Test 2 Reading 2) pg. 89 (Test 2 UE  2) (Monday 12th Nov)

Writing assignement: Biography (Wednesday 14th Nov)


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