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AV1 221012

Posted by maribel on 22/10/2012

Today we did  pgs. 18, 19 (Test 1 Reading 3) and pg. 44 (Test 1 UE 3) from FC Trainer.

We also did pg. 55 (Test 1 Listening 3)

I gave you back the initial evaluation test. We revised the grammar of auxiliary verbs (SB pg. 11-1B-)

This is the song we listened to:


Then we started chapter 1C, pg12.


synonyms: vomit, be sick, throw up, puke

blood (noun) bleed (vb)

Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful & Grumpy:


FC Trainer: pgs. 47, 48 (Test 1 UE 4) (Monday 29th Oct)

Reading: The Baby (Monday 29th Oct)

WB 1A & 1B

SB Vocab pg. 47


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