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BA2 091012

Posted by maribel on 10/10/2012

Today we corrected pgs. 11 & 13 in KET Trainer and did the listening on pgs. 36 & 37. We checked problems of vocabulary in the text about The Story of English. Some of you told us a joke in English. Some were quite funny!

 We worked with the Student Book (1B pg. 7 Activity 5) and revised the sounds of English. We listened to mini conversations with numbers and then we started 1C in the Student Book. We did activity 1 vocabulary.

SB 1C 1 Vocabulary


What does she look like?

What is she like?

What does she like?


Handout Character an physical descriptions ( Tuesday 16th Oct)

KET Trainer: pg. 15 & 17 ( Tuesday 16th Oct)


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