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A blog for Maribel's students at EOI and CEP Granada

Cue the Elephants

Posted by maribel on 05/04/2011

The morning belonged to the grapefruit,
Ripe in the gold Roman sun.
I throw out the rind,
Its just bitter to me,
Done done done.

The skyline is made of the umbrella pine,
I wish we could climb every one.
But all I would see,
In the shape of the streets,
Is done done done.

Cue the elephants,
The torches they light in the woods.
Can you and me save the city?
I thought that we promised we would.
But youve got your hands in your pockets,
And you cant loook me in the eye.
And now for that eternal question,
Why, why, why?

And then he would look at those starlings,
Together they swoop down as one.
Hed read in that dizzy ellipsis,
Done done done.

We dangle our legs in the fountains,
The pale is red and run.
The aqueduct water is ancient,
Done done done.


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