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Avanzado 1 08.11.10

Posted by maribel on 09/11/2010

English (especially British English) is not spelt phonetically.  All languages have synonyms (words with unrelated spelling and pronunciation but the same meaning) and words with multiple meanings. However English has an exceptional disparity between spelling and pronunciation. Homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different meaning and spelling like mussel and muscle, both From Latin mūsculus (“mussel or muscle”), literally “little mouse”.

Here you have a list of homophones in British English. And this is a homophones quiz.

HW for Wednesday:

Revise and Check Unit 1 pgs. 18 &19

Handout 1C present perfect simple and continuous

HW for Monday:

Reading  handout: Living in the valley

Use of English handout: Problems for actors

Writing assignment 02. Use  handout 16-biography.

A few hints on writing compositions


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