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CEP A2 02.11.10

Posted by maribel on 07/11/2010

October 31st is Hallowe’en and you can meet witches and ghosts that night. Hallowe’en (All Hallows’ Eve) is an old word for the night before “All Saints’ Day”. On that night of the year ghosts and witches are free. Well, that’s the traditional story. Now there are parties on October 31st. At these parties people wear masks and they dress as vampires, monsters, skeletons, witches or aliens. People decorate their houses for Hallowe’en. There are special pumpkin lamps: the jack o’ lanterns. There are also Hallowe’en games like “bobbing for apples”. The children go “trick o’ treating”. Neighbours give them a treat (chocolate or sweets).

The days of the week:

The months of the year:

Here is a list of numbers in English with pronunciation. Here is a list of high numbers. These are the ordinal numbers.


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