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Avanzado 1 13.10.10

Posted by maribel on 19/10/2010

Today we had Chanelle, from Saskatchewan, Canada, in class.

Where do you practice sport?

Football  pitch, golf course, tennis court, basketball cout, a race track, iceskating rink, boxing ring, swimming pool …

A hamlet is a small settlement, too small to be considered a village.
A village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet, and including a church.
A town is a community of people ranging from a few hundred to several thousands, although it may be applied loosely even to huge metropolitan areas. Usually, a “town” is thought of as larger than a village but smaller than a “city”.
A city is an urban settlement with a particularly important status which differentiates it from a town. City is primarily used to designate an urban settlement with a large population. However, city may also indicate a special administrative, legal, or historical status.

Here you have some more false friends and cognates.


TB pg. 133: exercises 1B a & b

TB pg. 8: Reading and exercises

Entry checker: phrasal verbs


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