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Avanzado 1 04.10.10

Posted by maribel on 05/10/2010

Today we checked three handouts: the one on prepositions, the reading text about the walnut tree brought down and the use of English exercise about making pizza. We did a listening test too. We talked abou things to do in Granada in preparation for our written homework.

This is handout 08 with the text for the above video.


Text book pg 17

COMPOSITION (deadline Monday 11th). Last weekend you met a colleague at a work conference in Madrid. S/he is coming to Granada next weekend and will spend here 4 days. You are going to give advice on:

Places to stay


Places to visit near Granada

Restautants, bars, discos…

Give a personal recommendation of something they should not miss while they are here.

These are the correction symbols for your written assignments.


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