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What does it mean to stop for a day?

Posted by maribel on 29/09/2010

A new round of general strikes is taking place in Europe against attempts to make workers’ pay for the economic crisis.

This is the background to this Wednesday’s strike in Spain in the words of Jesús Castillo, a rep in the Andalusian Workers’ Union at the University of Seville:

“It comes against the brutal neoliberal attacks being implemented by the Spanish Socialist Party government. In May the government, under pressure from the IMF, the European Union and market speculators, took off its worker-friendly mask and turned towards austerity. It froze pensions, cut jobs and public services, carried out privatisations, slashed public sector wages and made it cheaper and easier to sack people. It has also attacked pensioners and the unemployed—whose numbers have doubled during the crisis to one in five of the population. The radical unions have been calling for a national general strike for months and calling regional ones where we are strong, such as in Andalusia in the south and the Basque Country in the north. The grassroots of the large unions pushed more and more for a general stoppage until it was finally called. The strike is a start, but we will need more mobilisations so there is a just solution to the crisis. Years of betrayals and demobilisation of members by the bureaucrats running the major unions have weakened the chances of this general strike being fully successful. The decision to delay holding the strikes until after the summer has reinforced this. Even so, millions of workers will stop working and will take to the streets to demand that the rich pay for their own mess.”

Adapted from http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/art.php?id=22571

You have more videos in English on the Spanish general strike from Reuters and AFP.


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